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who we are


The Service Edge are committed to helping businesses grow and become more profitable through strong customer care and improved business practices. Helping them achieve a competitive edge through service excellence.


If you are looking to grow your business, retain your customers, develop your systems and deliver the best service imaginable then we can help. Our clients have grown their business whilst identifying new opportunities and seeing reductions in operating costs.


Lisa Sheppard, Director and Principal Consultant, has an extensive career successfully driving businesses and motivating teams through development and change. Working at a senior and strategic level in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Operational functions, now using this vast experience to support our clients in their quest to grow and deliver service excellence.


As members of the Institute of Customer Service, Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Consulting, raising standards and working in a professional manner are important to us. We are recognised as taking a logical approach and developing commercially viable solutions that deliver what is important to both customer and business.


Our solutions and focus:

  • Support and consult on all aspects of development

  • Provide strategic vision and strong action plans

  • Evaluate, audit and survey

  • Process mapping and development of client centric solutions

  • Workshop, Coach, train and development of service frameworks

  • Project management

  • 'The Service Profile'™


We passionately believe that any business can deliver a great customer experience and with the right support rewrite service standards within their industry and grow their business.

"Customer Service is more than just a department, it is everything we do......... by developing our people, processes and systems we can and will achieve Service Excellence"


                                                                                                     Lisa Sheppard