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By TheServiceEdge, Jun 21 2016 11:22AM

Often when we are looking to grow and want to invest in training, it is sales that we focus on. We want to close more deals and bring in more sales. Whilst this is an important focus for any business and great skills for teams to develop, don’t make the mistake in thinking it’s your only option.

What if I said to you that you could achieve your sales growth by getting your customers to do it for you?

Well you can, businesses that provide a better level of customer satisfaction create up to 85% more opportunities than its competitors.

Create a service culture in your business and you could realise this benefit and many more. We all understand that training can improve knowledge and skill within our business. However, those trained in service have enhanced communication skills, excellent organisational capabilities, are able to solve problems, improve situations and make doing business more enjoyable. This means you are working in a more efficient way and delivering a much higher standard of both internal and external customer care.

So how does this translate to growth? You will retain more customers, reduced unnecessary costs and delays within the business, along with creating upselling opportunities. Customers who are happy are more likely to increase their spend with you and start using you for more solutions.

On top of this they are now telling others, they have become advocates of your business and are now doing the selling for you. We are more likely to do business with companies that have stronger recommendations. This can even speed up your normal sales process, as confidence has already been gained. So train in service excellence and expand your sales team.

By TheServiceEdge, Feb 15 2016 12:33PM

To make a cake worthy of Mary Berry you need to use the highest quality ingredients, the right quantities and the correct technique.

Being able to deliver exceptional service to your customers is no different. What goes in drives what comes out, so if you want great service for your customers you need great service coming in. This means your suppliers, associates and any person that supports your business in delivering its services or goods to your customers, must be the Mary Berry of their world.

Just like flour, sugar and eggs are the base of our cake, service is what we build our businesses on. The extra flourish like flavour is what makes us stand out. It’s important that your suppliers are supporting your service goals so that you can deliver that unique flavour.

• When looking for new suppliers create a strong list of requirements

• Be clear about your needs

• Work with like-minded people and businesses that share the same values

• Explain the demands of your business to create a better understanding

• Remember this is a partnership and listen to the advice being offered

• Review their performance regularly

• Deal with any issues straight away

• If they are not giving the service you expect, then move on!

• Don’t forget YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER!

Want your customers to be eating a scrumptious cake? Then start focusing on your ingredients.

By TheServiceEdge, Dec 1 2015 02:24PM

Creating a customer experience is just like spinning plates. It’s an ongoing task and requires regular attention. If you stop feeding them they fall, if you focus on just one the show is over.

The key is steady tweaks and a constant eye. If you want a strong Customer Experience then here are your 8 spinning plates:

• Product/Solution

Fit for purpose, exceeding expectation and delivered to the highest of standards.

• People

Trained and developed staff, exhibiting the strongest skills and recognised qualifications if required.

• Behaviours

All behaviours across the business demonstrate ownership, support for one another and loyalty to both the business and customer.

• Processes

All processes, software, tools and working practices support the values and demands of the business, roles and customers.

• Management

Management is inspiring, encouraging and supportive. They lead by example and live the values of the business.

• Ideas

A creative environment is evident and ideas are encouraged from both teams and individuals in the business and its customers.

• Service

All service both internal and external meets and exceed its expectations. The culture supports service development and an ongoing programme of improvement exists.

• Communication

Strong communication channels are seen across the business from all levels and information is shared, swift and transparent.

Remember you cannot spin a broken plate, so don’t wait until one falls before you address it, be proactive. This is just an overview but if you want to learn more about your plates, then talk to us.

By TheServiceEdge, Oct 21 2015 04:02PM

Happy Back to the Future Day!

Doc and Marty travelled nearly 30 years into the future and entered a world full of flying cars and hover boards. Well that day in time has arrived and whilst we don’t have flying cars some things are here:

•Multiple channels on one TV screen

•Computer screens in glasses

•Face Time and video chat


•Alternative fuels


•Cashless payments

•3D technology

and hoover boards are in the works and Nike is working on self-lacing shoes!

Okay they got quite a few things wrong too, but what about service?

In the film we see our future selves demanding instant responses, no waiting for goods and information on tap. Even the pizza is cooked in a second. They have wealth of technology to support these demands and deliver exactly what our futures selves need. For example I totally need a quick and efficient way of getting my new hover board!

Thinking about service requirements and buyer demands today, there are a lot of similarities. Service is all about speed here in 2015. Fast responses, quick payments and even same day deliveries. Maybe even 30mins if you live you an Amazon drone area. Take for example the easy payment methods in the movie such as thumbprints, we now have contactless payment or Apple pay so maybe biometrics for payments are not that futuristic after all. Buyers are now more informed and have a wealth of information available to them through many devices and methods. In fact if we can’t find it on the internet, it doesn’t exist!

Imagine the products that will be invented over the next decades, the expectations we will have and the lives we will lead. Service will be at the forefront of this. New ways of supporting our customers will emerge and new standards created. Time and speed have become top priorities since 1989. Just imagine what our future will look like!

The Future of Service

By TheServiceEdge, Oct 20 2015 10:22AM

Strong competition in consumer markets, together with zero inflation, puts more pressure on manufacturing and increases service demands.

To keep out the competition, manufacturers can look to customer service as a way to differentiate as they try to protect their profit margins.

The problem can be that customer service is often only addressed AFTER something has gone very wrong, which may be too late.

Prevention is the best cure. Delivering beyond the standard works. After all, you wouldn’t wait for a fatal accident in your plant to happen before you fixed those wonky railings, would you?

You have a legal requirement with health and safety to be up to code and if changes need to be made or money spent, you do it.

Okay, so there is no legal requirement on service buts its impact into your business is just as crucial, because similar to health and safety if you don’t comply you won’t be trading for long. Customers will simply go elsewhere.

Tips for getting service compliant:

•Make sure it’s a priority in your business

•Invest energy in developing the standard

•Ask your customers what they want

•Create champions within the business

•Take the necessary steps to future proof and prevent issues

•Apply continuous improvement methods and review practices and behaviours

•Make sure all employees are responsible for it - just like health and safety.

Before you start find out where you are and complete an honest review or audit of your service.

By TheServiceEdge, Jul 20 2015 08:22AM

A phrase we have all heard and used when describing our service experiences at some point. One of the key elements of delivering a great customer experience is consistency. It’s not enough to have great products or great service. If you want to ensure this is never said about your business, you have to deliver your best - every time.

So how can you deliver a consistent service?

It stems from your working practices and the development of your people. If everyone is recruited to the same standard and investment in training is in line with your service goals, then your teams will provide consistent standards of communication, support and responses. Processes need to be defined so that they can be implemented and followed. Remember simple processes are easier to replicate and adhere to. This provides your teams with the right framework to be able to deliver that consistent level of service you and your customers want.

top tips:

• Ensure that all personnel are recruited to the same standard and criteria.

• Make sure you have defined processes that are easy to implement and follow.

• Training programmes are focused on creating consistent behaviours and ways of working.

• Everyone understands the common service goal and how they play a part.

• Monitor, Monitor, Monitor – make sure things are happening as expected and deal with issues or bottlenecks that might effect a consistent approach to service early.

• Never stand still, evaluate and be prepared to change if needed – Service doesn’t stand still and neither should you!

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