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Understanding what your true service offering is, is crucial to developing and improving your service standards. This applies to not only the service you provide your customers but also the internal service that makes up the way you do business.

We here at The Service Edge strongly believe that you also need to understand how your functions and processes are impacting your internal and external service.

Our services are built with business owners like you in mind and are designed to provide you with the objective level of understanding that you need to be able to move your business forward and develop a plan that will deliver positive results. We have many years of experience evaluating businesses and gaining all manner of feedback. You can rely on us to make this a positive experience that will benefit both you and your customer.

An online independent and objective survey, providing you with the right feedback to understand your customer experience and create a strong improvement plan.

Online survey focused on understanding the service behaviours and culture within your business. Identifying the level of support each employee and department deliver and receive to help you understand your internal service levels.

A full on site business audit that is service focused. Looking at all aspects of internal and external service and the key processes of the business.

A complete feedback and evaluation service, providing you will all of the above solutions and further process mapping, client and employee interviews. A complete report is generated along with a short and long term action plan.

The Service Profile is a comprehensive view of your internal and external customer experience. It provides you with a real insight to your business and its efficiency. Benefits can be seen across the whole business and the process of the audit can help boost employee morale and internal communication.

So if you want to improve your service and create a stronger experience then you need to gather feedback and evaluate your business in a clear and objective way.

This is where we can help, our feedback and evaluation services can be suited to your needs and focus. Whether you are looking for internal or external feedback or a full evaluation of your business performance we are able to support you.

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