The-Services-Edge---Final2 The Service Edge Lisa Sheppard Director

A service imporvement specialist supporting businesses in their quest to gain ‘The Service Edge’ by helping them understand their service profile and putting into action the changes necessary to transform their internal and external customer experience.


An extensive career both in service and general management successfully driving businesses and motivating teams through development and change. Working at a senior level in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Strategy functions, now using this vast experience to support clients as a Project Manager and Business Consultant.


Known for taking a logical approach and developing commercially viable solutions that deliver what is important to both customer and business. Aware and experienced in overcoming the hurdles that sometimes exist in getting service improvement projects off the ground and securing the engagement necessary across the organisation to ensure successful implementation and desired results.


Focused on providing businesses with a true return that will see improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased revenue streams and opportunities whilst developing cost effective improvements to gain ‘The Service Edge’.


•Raising the profile of service professionals and the service role within all personnel

•Creating and developing service teams and gaining necessary engagement from all aspects of the business

•Developing service frameworks including role development and training programmes

•Expertise across all business areas and exposure to many industry sectors with specialist knowledge and understanding of service issues

•Impartial and independent observer able to identify key development areas

•Challenging established practices and delivering creative solutions to complex problems

•Managing organisational change in a professional and entrepreneurial manner

•Commercial acumen, delivering profit improvements in highly competitive environments


Assisting businesses through this service change, whether by providing direction, sharing the knowledge and experience, being the resource to make it happen or being the beacon of light to spread the word.


“Lisa has been a champion of service within our business and is a positive influence in our service change, adding real value to our organisation.”