The-Services-Edge---Final2 The Service Edge



We are able to offer our extensive range of solutions and provide you with the level of expertise and knowledge to meet your requirements, by working with approved partners.


These partners are like minded and share our passion for service development. By working to the same principles and vision that 'The Service Edge' demonstrates in all projects it undertakes, ensures a seamless and consistent approach to your needs.


These partnerships have been forged overtime and have developed from years of working together across of series of businesses and projects.


Our solutions are focused on providing businesses with a true return that will see improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased revenue streams and opportunities whilst developing cost effective improvements to gain ‘The Service Edge’.  


Assisting businesses through this service change, whether by providing direction, sharing knowledge and experience, being the resource to make it happen or the beacon of light to spread the word.


•'The Service Profile'™

•Service audits and action planning

•Internal and external customer surveys

•Process mapping and development of client centric solutions

•Coaching, training and development of service framework


•Cultural change programmes

•Project management and general consultative services

Business people placing hands in circle