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train·ing [traniNG]


the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour:

synonyms: instruction, teaching, coaching, tuition, tutoring, guidance, schooling, education, orientation, indoctrination, inculcation, initiation



teach (a person) a particular skill or type of behaviour through practice and instruction over a period of time:

synonyms: instruct, teach, coach, tutor, school, educate, prime, drill, ground, inculcate, indoctrinate, initiate, break in, upskill


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Learn develop Improve

Training is the cornerstone of transforming your business and its people. Our training courses are designed to support the needs of a business looking to develop its teams and gain a competitive edge.

Whether our training is delivered through one of our programmes or as a standalone training module, you can be assured that it will deliver what you need in the way you need it.


We offer courses on a range of skills and subjects to assist you whatever stage you are at in your transformation journey. These courses can be delivered in house or at a venue of your choice. We also offer open courses at local venues, to see what is currently available please view our events page. Training can even be tailored to suit your needs and a bespoke programme delivered.


The Service Edge not only have many years of experience in delivering training but an extensive amount of real world experience too, managing businesses and departments of all sizes across many markets. Being able to relate and understand the real world issues facing you, your business and your teams means that our training provides more than just skill but knowledge and experience too. Our engaging, motivating and inspiring approach will support your business in moving forward and achieving its goals.


Talk to us about how our training programmes can help you gain a competitive edge for your business.


As mentioned we offer a wide range of courses and workshops. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for….

Just ask!

LEARN new things, DEVELOP yourself & IMPROVE the business

Our training is offered in three ways:


1.  Stand-alone training courses


Full and half day courses on a range of subjects, booked as and when required. Coffee break courses are also available and are a great solution to those short on time as they range from 1 – 2hours in duration. A list of available courses can be found here, Courses at the Service Edge.


2.  Part of a training package or solution


A packaged solution of various courses to meet your specific needs. A selection of predesigned programmes are available as is a bespoke solution.  Details of our packaged training solutions can be found by clicking the following link training packages or in the sub menu above.


3.  A key ingredient in our business improvement programmes


These programmes are designed to drive the business and/or its teams to a new way of working. They comprise of many of our solutions such as, consultancy, audits, mapping, workshops and of course training. For more information on these please click on our programmes in the main menu.