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Training session outline:


Develop and manage a Case Study – Participants are encouraged to question the project at its outset and to define and then discuss a case study.


Identify and avoid negative project experiences – Participants will look at their own negative experiences in order to avoid them occurring within their own projects.


How to apply (and why you need) Project Structure – Understanding how Project structure can avoid a multitude of issues as well as protect the project and its sponsors.


Establish project deliverables – Definition and prioritisation of Project Deliverables. Agreeing the definition of project success and avoiding project failure.


Set up communication lines within the Project – Both formal and informal communication requirements. Highlighting issues and blockages whilst keeping the project on track.


Set up and manage a real project – manage timelines, budgets and multiple work-streams.


Close a project – close, review and report on a completed project. Identify the positives and negatives. Incorporate the lessons learned into a broader project management ethos.



At the end of this project management training course, you will be able to:


•Avoid the major pitfalls of project management

•Initiate and plan a project

•Implement and monitor a projects lifecycle

•Review and close a project

•Develop a project management structure


Why train with The Service Edge?


The Service Edge not only have many years of experience in delivering training but an extensive amount of real world experience too, managing businesses and departments of all sizes across many markets.


As qualified Project Managers who have successfully ran many key business projects, our training offers more than just theory. Being able to relate and understand the real world issues facing you, your business and your teams means, we are able to deliver strong and practical training that really works.


Training is the cornerstone of transforming your business and its people. Our training courses are designed to support the needs of a business looking to develop its teams and gain a competitive edge. Whether our training is delivered through one of our programmes or as a standalone training module, you can be assured that it will deliver what you need in the way you need it.


Our engaging, motivating and inspiring approach will support your business in moving forward and achieving its goals. contact us at


LEARN new things, DEVELOP yourself & IMPROVE the business


Project Management is at the core of much that we do. Whether managing a project at work or managing a DIY project at home the core essentials of Project Management remain the same. Plan, Implement and Review.


This Project Management training course is designed to be useful across a broad audience, from the Project Management team itself all the way through to the end users. We will cover all aspects of Project Management – your role will be to identify which aspects are required on a project by project basis and implement them accordingly. Flexibility will be key to your projects success.


This session has been developed to help you identify costs and benefits of any project and to manage that project through to a successful conclusion. It will encourage the creation and application of a structured approach to project management that will simplify, add transparency and is intended to shorten the project management lifecycle.


Many companies choose to define their own “specific” approach to managing projects. This course can be used to help design, or at a later level, refine that internal approach to Project Management.


Therefore, this training course is relevant to everyone that is involved in or will hope to benefit from a project and provides you with the tools required to deliver a successful project.